We have a vast experience in Weaving we are equipped with verity if machines capacity of around 30,000 meters per day (in different weaves). Our weaving unit consists of Auto 112", 80 Looms | Auto 105’, 70 Looms |Auto 126, 50 Looms |Draper 72", 60 Looms |Draper 105’35 Looms |Draper 120’30 Looms Shuttle less 110", 30 Looms| Shuttleless130", 50 Looms | Shuttle less 153’’, 20 Looms equipped with came and dobby.


We have one of the best printing facilities in our town. State of the art dyeing is possible in pigment, reactive & VAT dyes, besides finishes, various other treatments such as stain release, water repellent, fire retardant and crease recovery is possible.Our processing equipment includes latest Rotary Printing Machines, Continuous Dyeing Ranges Thermo sol and Pad Steam, Continuous Open width Bleaching ranges. Sanforizing, Mercerizing, Raising machines. Calendars, a Sueding Plant, Automatic Color Dispensing and Screen Engraving Equipment. 


We focused on forward in providing value added articles to our valuable customers. We try to stitch at highest quality level. We give great importance to confection of textile products as it is really important both for durability as well as look of items.To meet the international standards we are equipped with highly skilled labor and more than 250 Stitching Machines for Home Textiles & More than 250 machines for Garments. All kinds of stitching & quilting machines are available. We can do various kinds of stitching functions such as Hem Stitch, Pin-tuck etc. The machines include Flat lock machines, Safety Over lock, double needle and Kansai special.


We have significant reputation for better presentation skills of final product. Because packaging is much important in order to generate higher profits for our buyers.  We always keep in mind instructions of our valued customers while packing. We try to pack finished products in the best possible ways and ensure standards of such sample packing all over the shipment.


We have latest lab and skilled workers at our unit. We can comply with all the required tests.

Inspection before shipment

We can also arrange inspection of the goods by any international inspection company on buyers demand as well. The expenses are borne by the buyer.